Blick in POLARIS

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  • Thumb1
    control room for experiments
  • Thumb2
    Frontend laboratory with stretcher and first four amplifiers
  • Thumb3
    A glance into the double CPA system
  • Thumb4
    Vacuum tube with the 3rd amplifier
  • Thumb5
    Active material and a ring of pump collimation lenses of A4
  • Thumb6
    A glance into the 4th amplifier
  • Thumb7
    A glance into the 4th amplifier
  • Thumb8
    Sketch of the 5th amplifier
  • Thumb9
    Pump module and a vertical table of A5
  • Thumb10
    A glance into the pump module of 5th amplifier
  • Thumb11
    Vertical table with multipass mirrors
  • Thumb12
    Rack with laser diode drivers
  • Thumb13
    Vacuum chamber of the compressor and laser pulse diagnostics
  • Thumb14
    Big vacuum chamber with mosaic gratings
  • Thumb15
    Mosaic gratings
  • Thumb16
    Mosaic gratings and alignment diagnostic
  • Thumb17
    first and last gratings of the compressor
  • Thumb18
    Target area
  • Thumb19
    A glance inside the target chamber
  • Thumb20
    A glance inside the target chamber
  • Thumb21
    A glance inside the experimental chamber during a thin foil experiential campaign